Top 25 Hotels: La Badira ranks third, Diar El Andalous on the rise

Published : 01-03-2019

Dar El Jeld and Sensimar Scheherazade are still the top ranked Tunisian hotels on the Internet. But others are on the rise: La Badira, Diar El Andalous, Bel Azur, Four Seasons…

Top 25 Hotels in Tunisia

While the hotels Dar El Jeld and Sensimar Scheherazade confirm their leading position in our ranking, the hotel La Badira in Hammamet now ranks third: its score rose by 0.7 since our last ranking.

Thus, La Badira comes before The Residence Tunis, 4th top ranked Tunisian hotel according to online guest reports during the previous three months.

Our ranking is based on the GRI index issued by the ReviewPro company (scores taking into account the ratings and comments of visitors on more than 175 websites worldwide) calculated over three months. 

Hotel chains: Iberostar improving

The Iberostar Diar El Andalous in Port El Kantaoui recorded a significant increase of its rating and accesses the top five. It moved up 8 places and 2.1 points as compared to last month.

Thus, three Iberostar hotels are among the top ten.  

The Hasdrubal hotels too feature good rankings, with the Hasdrubal Prestige ranking 12th and the Hasdrubal Hammamet ranking 13th. But after being high ranked in 2018, the Hasdrubal Port El Kantaoui now went down to the 19th place.

Four Seasons coming back

But the most spectacular increase is recorded by the Four Seasons Gammarth. It moved from 23rd to 8th place compared to last month (3.9 points up). Nevertheless, its score is still lower than during its opening period last year (2.3 down).

The Four Seasons is just one step behind the Bel Azur Thalasso & Bungalows. This 4-star hotel in Hammamet is 5 places higher than last month and becomes the third 4-star hotel in our ranking.

See the ranking for the year 2018.

(photos : La Badira - Iberostar Diar El Andalous)

Top 25 Hotels

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RankHotelStarsGRI (TM)Trend
1Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa, Tunis597.1+97.1
2Sensimar Scheherazade, Sousse496.0+2.6
3La Badira, Hammamet 594.6+0.6
4The Residence Tunis, Gammarth 594.5+3.4
5Iberostar Diar El Andalous, P. El Kantaoui 593.5+3.4
6Iberostar Averroès, Hammamet493.3–1.5
7Bel Azur Thalasso & Bungalows, Hammamet493.1–0.6
8Four Seasons Hotel Tunis, Gammarth593.0–2.3
9The Pearl Resort & Spa, Sousse592.6+92.6 
10Iberostar Royal El Mansour, Mahdia592.3+0.6
11Lti Bellevue Park, Port El Kantaoui 592.1+5.6
12Hasdrubal Prestige, Djerba591.9–3.6
13Tui Blue Palm Beach Palace, Djerba591.5+5.1
13Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Hammamet591.5–1.7
13 Ibis Sfax 391.5+91.5
14Fiesta Beach, Djerba 490.9+2.4
15Seabel Rym Beach, Djerba 490.8+1.9
16Royal Garden Palace, Djerba 590.7+1.1
17Majestic Hotel, Tunis490.6+7.0
17Dar Dhiafa, Djerba390.6–1.3
18Médina Bélisaire & Thalasso, Hammamet490.5+11.1
19Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa P. El Kantaoui490.3–0.6
20Iberostar Kantaoui Bay, Sousse589.8
20Tui Sensimar Palace Océana, Hammamet 489.8+0.9


La Cigale Tabarka Hotel Thal. & Spa Golf 




21Tui Magic Life Skanès Family, Monastir489.5–0.6
21Mövenpick Hotel du Lac, Tunis 589.5–9.7
22Golden Tulip Taj Sultan Resort, Yasmine Hammamet589.3+2.5
23Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa, Port El Kantaoui489.2+4.2
24JAZ Tour Khalef, Sousse489.1+0.8
25Les Orangers Beach Resort & Bungalows, Hammamet488.9–1.0

NB: the “GRI” set out in our table take into account the reviews of the last three months (December 1st, 2018 - February 28th, 2019). Trends towards same period of the previous year.

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