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The MUSEUM of modern art MACAM Tunis

Published : 20-01-2023
TunisiaTourismTV – Tunisia has its museum of plastic art: the MACAM Tunis.
In a magnificent setting, it exhibits a selection of works by painters who, since the 50s, foreigners and Tunisians mixed, have demonstrated their creativity. Among them, Ammar Farhat, Boucherle, Gorgi, El Mekki, Jallel Ben Abdallah and many others. 
In some 400 works, the museum also gives pride of place to artists of today who express themselves through painting, weaving, sculpture, collages and other media. 
From the portrait of a notable by Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger (early 20th century) to the derisive creations of Aicha Filali, a great introduction to Tunisian art. 

MACAM Tunis (national museum of modern and contemporary art) 
Cité de la Culture, avenue Mohamed V, Tunis. Open every day except Monday.
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