Sfax and the islands of Kerkennah

A major commercial port, an old city surrounded by parchment-coloured ramparts… Sfax shows an authentic side of Tunisia. Facing it, the islands of Kerkennah offer poetic untouched landscapes and long sandy beaches. 

The city of Sfax

In the medina of Sfax, the stalls ring with the work of the small-scale craftsmen.

Visit the Dar Jellouli palace, a beautiful 17th century house decorated with ceramic tile panels. Dar Jellouli is also a Museum of Folk Art and Traditions.

Take a tour of the picturesque fish market.

Stop to admire the Great Mosque and the Kasbah, the former citadel. 

Leaving the old districts, you will see stunning buildings dating from the time of the French Protectorate, of Arab-Moorish inspiration. 

The Kerkennah archipelago

Take a boat which will will carry you to the Kerkennah archipelago.

Enjoy the sandy beaches, deserted out of the summer season.

The water is so shallow that a mask and snorkel is sufficient to observe many fish.

Contemplate the serene landscapes, the sway of the palm trees and the colours of the sun setting over the sea. 

Bird lovers, get your binoculars: the Sfax and Kerkennah region is a major wintering site for migratory birds

The medina of Sfax

Sfax is set apart by its magnificent medina dating back to the 9th century. Its mighty walls, crenellated and punctuated with bastions, capture visitors. Enter through one of the doors and you will be plunged into another era, carried along by the flow of passers-by that crowd the souks. The minaret of the Great mosque has remarkable carved decorations. Visit the Kasbah, a museum dedicated to historical architecture. 

Dar Jellouli

Built in the 17th century, Dar Jellouli belonged to a wealthy family of shipowners. Its patio and rooms are decked with panels of ceramic tiles which interpret Turkish and Spanish influences. It is a museum where beautiful objects that once accompanied the life of wealthy families are exhibited: feminine headpieces, toiletries, paintings under glass...

El Jem

This Roman amphitheatre is one of the largest and best preserved in the world, declared a World Heritage Site. Wild beast combats would take place in the arena of this monument both imposing and harmonious. It is completed by a museum and a perfectly reconstructed Roman villa. Read more. Also read: Mahdia and surroundings.

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