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Top 25 Hotels: Thabraca and The Orangers Beach, two up-and-coming hotels

Published : 03-05-2019

After the TUI Magic Life Skanes last month, It is now the Magic Hotels Thabraca who moves from 21st to 2nd place.Follow our rank...

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The mosaics of El Jem

Published : 23-04-2019

What did the Roman shows in the amphitheatre of El Jem look like? In order to find out, visit the city’s museum.El Jem is...

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Bardo Museum: re-opening of the Room of Kairouan

Published : 15-04-2019

Precious ancient manuscripts, such as the famous Blue Quran, were returned to public display. A good opportunity to visit the part of the Bardo Museum devoted to the Islamic heritage of Tunisia.

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From Port Prince to Oued el Abid

Published : 11-04-2019

Many opportunities for sublime hikes are available on the coast of the Cap Bon, between rocky shores, white sand beaches, crystal-clear water and in springtime vivid wildflowers.Jagged and r...

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Top 25 Hotels: Magic Life Skanès’ remontada, Four Seasons’ comeback

Published : 01-04-2019

The hotel TUI Magic Life Skanès now ranks second, while Four Seasons (fifth) confirms its return to excellence.  The first quarte...

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Zitoun Artisanal’s creative blown glass

Published : 23-03-2019

Makrem Zitoun is a glass blower near Tunis. Vases, candlesticks, tea sets… His creations blend shapes and materials, between tradition and modernity.

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