Top 25: Iberostar Kantaoui Bay ranks 2nd, Ibis Sfax on the rise

Published : 04-12-2019

Like last month, Dar El Jeld, Iberostar Kantaoui Bay and Four Seasons are still the guests’ three favorite hotels.

The best client-rated hotel during the previous three months, according to the scores calculated by our partner ReviewPro, are Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa in the medina of Tunis, Iberostar Kantaoui Bay in Sousse and Four Seasons Hotel Tunis in Gammarth. 

These 5-star hotels were already the guests’ favorite ones in our ranking of last month.

It should be noted that two hotels are on the rise: Iberostar Royal El Mansour (Mahdia) accesses the top 5 and Ibis Sfax gained 11 places in the ranking.

Top hotels per category

Top 5 5-star hotels: Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa, Tunis – Iberostar Kantaoui Bay, Sousse  – Four Seasons Hotel Tunis, Gammarth – Iberostar Royal El Mansour, Mahdia – The Residence Tunis, Gammarth   

Top 5 4-star hotels: Sensimar Scheherazade (Magic Hotels), Sousse – Iberostar Mehari Djerba – Iberostar Averroès, Hammamet – Magic Hotels Skanès Family, Monastir – Royal Nozha, Hammamet

Top 3 3-star hotels: Ibis Sfax – El Borj Mahdia – Dar Dhiafa, Djerba

Keep in mind that Ibis Sfax, Iberostar Hotels, Sensimar Scheherazade and The Residence Tunis were among the winners of Tunisia Hospitality Award 2019.

(photos: Iberostar Kantaoui Bay, Ibis Sfax)

Top 25 Hotels

RankHotelStarsGRI (TM)Trend
1Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa, Tunis596,6–0,7
2Iberostar Kantaoui Bay, Sousse 595,8+11,1
3Four Seasons Hotel Tunis, Gammarth  595,5+8,9
4Sensimar Scheherazade (Magic Hotels), Sousse 495,2+1,3
5Iberostar Royal El Mansour, Mahdia594,5+1,2
6The Residence Tunis, Gammarth 594,4+1,2
7Ibis Sfax394,1+1,8
8El Borj Mahdia393,8+9,1
8Iberostar Mehari Djerba493,8+4,6
9Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Hammamet  593,6+5,2
10Tui Sensimar Palace Oceana Hammamet  593,5+6,3
11Iberostar Averroès, Hammamet 493,2+0,0
12Royal Nozha, Hammamet492,6+4,5
12Magic Hotels Skanès Family  492,6+2,8
13 La Badira, Hammamet592,3+0,9
13Dar Dhiafa, Djerba  392,3+0,4
14Iberostar Diar El Andalous, Port El Kantaoui 592,2+3,9
15Concorde Green Park Palace, Port El Kantaoui  591,8+6,5
15Magic Hotels Manar, Hammamet 591,8+6,4
16Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf & Spa, Port El Kantaoui 491,7+2,2
17Telemaque Beach & Spa, Djerba  491,4+4,3
17Lti Bellevue Park, Port El Kantaoui591,4+2,0
18Tui Blue Palm Beach Palace (Magic Hotels), Djerba 591,1
19TUI Magic Life Africana, Yasmine Hammamet590,7
20Nour Palace & Thalasso, Mahdia 590,4+7,5
20Aldiana Club Djerba Atlantide490,4+4,4
21Jaz Tour Khalef, Sousse590,3+8,0
22Club Tropicana & Spa, Monastir390,2+20,7
23Eden Village Yadis Hammamet490,1+15,5
24Riviera Hotel, Port El Kantaoui489,8+29,8
24Marhaba Palace489,8+3,5
24Palmyra Beach, Sousse 389,8+3,2
25Lti Djerba Plaza Thalasso & Spa489,7+1,0

NB: In partnership with ReviewPro. The “GRI” set out in our table take into account the reviews of the last three months (September 1st - November 30th 2019). Trends towards same period of the previous year.

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