Top25: Dar El Jeld and Scheherazade leading

Published : 02-01-2019

Dar El Jeld and Sensimar Scheherazade are the best hotels in Tunisia according to our new ranking based on the reference index Review Pro.

New year, new ranking: from now on, we’ll present every month a ranking of the best Tunisian hotels in partnership with Review Pro.

The Review Pro company is a world leader in hotel e-reputation. Thanks to its specific algorithm, it issues for each hotel a rating, the “GRI” (Global Review Index) obtained from the ratings and comments of visitors on more than 175 websites worldwide (online travel agencies, review sites) and more than 45 languages.

Excellent hotels

The first place is taken by the Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa, a new luxury hotel situated in the heart of the Tunis medina, with a rating of 97.5 out of 100 (147 reviews).

The second place goes to the Sensimar Scheherazade (Sousse), followed by two Iberostar hotels – Averroès and Royal El Mansour – then Dar Dhiafa (Djerba).

La Badira Hammamet ranks 7th, following The Residence Tunis but surpassing the Hasdrubal Port El Kantaoui.

We note that all hotels of our table reach a rating greater than 88.4%. Thus they are really excellent hotels. 117 Tunisian hotels reached a score higher than 80%.

RankHotelStarsGRI (TM)Trend
1Dar El Jeld Hotel & Spa, Tunis597.5+97.5
2Sensimar Scheherazade, Sousse495.1+2.5
3Iberostar Averroès, Hammamet493.8–0.7
4Iberostar Royal El Mansour, Mahdia592.9+0.0
5Dar Dhiafa, Djerba 392.7–2.1
6The Residence Tunis, Gammarth 592.4+3.0
7La Badira, Hammamet592.2–2.4
8Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa P. El Kantaoui 491.8+0.5
9La Cigale Tabarka Hotel Thal. & Spa Golf591.7+1.2
10Hasdrubal Prestige, Djerba591.6–3.0
11Sentido Phénicia, Hammamet491.2–5.1
12Tui Blue Palm Beach Palace, Djerba590.6–2.8
13Delfino Beach Resort & Spa, Hammamet490.4–1.5
14Club Aldiana Djerba Atlantide, Djerba490.3–0.1
15Ibis Sfax390.2+90.2
16Iberostar Diar El Andalous, P. El Kantaoui 590.0+0.5
17Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Hammamet589.9–3.7


Magic Hotels Skanès Family, Monastir 




18Seabel Alhambra Beach Golf Spa P. Kantaoui 489.6
19Belvédère Fourati, Tunis489.5+0.3


Magic Hotels Manar, Hammamet




20Sentido Djerba Beach489.1+0.1
21Vincci Marillia, Hammamet489.0+3.7
22Mövenpick Hotel du Lac, Tunis588.8+88.8
23La Villa Bleue, Sidi Bou SaïdH. de charme88.6


Lti Djerba Plaza Thalasso & Spa





Palmyra Beach, Sousse




24Riu Palace Royal Garden, Djerba588.5–1.6
25Telemaque Beach & Spa, Djerba488.4+88.4

NB: the “GRI” set out in our table take into account the reviews of the last twelve months (January 1st - December 31st, 2018). Only the hotels with at least 100 reviews are listed.

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