Hiking in the mountains of Dahar

Published : 07-12-2021
The Great Crossing of the Dahar, the first circuit of hiking to international standards in Tunisia, will be inaugurated on December 11.

From the Berber village of Tamezret to the Ksour of Ghomrassen, from the “Dinosaur Trail” to the troglodytes of Douiret, walk through the striking landscapes of the Dahar!
For the first time in Tunisia, a topo-guide has been published to present to hikers a 194 km circuit in this mountainous region at the edge of the Sahara, not far from the island of Djerba.
Topographic maps, graphs of height differences, types of trails… all useful details are included in this topo-guide on sale in Tunisia. 

A Great Crossing in 12 stages

The circuit is divided into 12 stages and you can choose some of them “à la carte” if you don't want to do the whole circuit.
The region abounds in curiosities: geological sites, fossils, traditional granaries, oil presses, wild flora…
You can hike alone (marking is in progress) or with a guide who is a native of the region. 
To choose a guide, contacts are provided by the website of the destination Dahar. The site also gives all the accommodations, often in traditional houses or troglodyte dwellings!
The destination Dahar, represented since 2014 by the Federation Authentic Tourism Destination Dahar, has just obtained two distinctions of sustainable tourism (top 100 of Green Destinations and top 6 of To Do Award). This will perhaps allow him to appear soon in the offer of tour operators specialized in ecological tourism. To be continued…

Where to sleep in Dahar?

Hotels are rare but there are many accommodations – sometimes unusual – in ecolodges and guesthouses
Some are approved by the Ministry of Tourism:
Approved guesthouses:

Approved ecolodges:
Gîte Douiret 

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