Tunisia is beautiful… by bike!

Published : 16-12-2017

Tunisia is beautiful… by bike! For twenty-five years, cycling enthusiasts meet each year in Djerba to cross the Tunisian South on mountain bike. Routes following the coast, old mosques, perched villages, oasis, abandoned ksour and vertigo-inducing descents… an athletic challenge and a real eyeful of scenery!

With twenty-five years in operation already, the organiser of Rando-Raid VTT Pierre Rossé is far from ready to stop: “The day that westerners realise the true value offered by Tunisian tourism, the Tunisian South will become a prime destination for hiking and trekking in the Mediterranean basin. There are incredible spots and the infrastructure is extraordinary!”, he exclaims.
Arriving from all over France, amateurs and experienced athletes come together to face the routes on the island of Djerba and across the Tunisian South, from the hills of Guellala to the old ghorfas (storage chambers) of Ksar Haddada. 

For the October 2018 edition, the participants will visit Djerbahood, the village repainted in Street art colours by artists from all over the world. They will also discover a novel section between the villages of Toujane and Matmata. “Toujane, for a long time paradoxically distant from tourism by the tour operators, has realised its formidable potential. Many young people took destiny into their own hands by imagining ways to offer accommodation and guided visits for the village and surrounding areas to encourage tourists to stop there. It has to be said that this area that dominates Aïn Tounine is full of ancestral Berber history. The Matmata region is unique and, whether on foot or by mountain bike, offers some of the most beautiful and unique scenery that exist”, Pierre Rossé tells us. 

Certainly one of the best ways to discover the Tunisian South!

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