La Cuesta Medenine /guesthouse

La Cuesta Guest House is located in a quiet area of the city of Medenine, a few dozen kilometres from Djerba and the tourist sites of the mountainous region of Dahar: Chenini, Douiret, Beni Khedache, Toujène, Matmata etc.
The house is run by a couple of retired teachers who are keen on cultural and alternative tourism. It has a small organic garden which is always green and two guest rooms (two beds each).
La Cuesta is an ideal base for discovering the beauty of the landscape and the rich human and geological history of the Dahar.
In the evening, you will rest in a quiet family environment and enjoy a refined Tunisian cuisine.

Guesthouse approved by the Tourist Office

Video: From Chenini to Douiret

La Cuesta Medenine /guesthouse
3 rue Ibn Battouta, 4100 Medenine | Itinerary
(+216)96 059 845

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