The Tunisian desert by parachute

Published : 05-11-2021

Until the end of November, parachute diving over the Tunisian desert is possible! A skydiving activity is organized in Tozeur with the help of a Canadian school.

Currently and until November 27, 2021, lovers of extreme sports meet in Tozeur for the event ‘Skys’ in the middle of the Sahara.
The opportunity to discover the sensations of skydiving in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.
Thanks to the Canadian skydiving school Voltige, hundreds of tandem parachute jumps are scheduled between Tozeur and Tembaïne, over an ocean of dunes.
This project was launched by the Tunisian parachutist-trainer Hedi Abada. It also offers multiple activities and experiences: 4-wheelers, virtual reality, parties and demonstration jumps with the presence of champions of the discipline.

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Tozeur, the oasis-city
Tembaïne, the magic of the Sahara

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