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The KSOUR of Southern Tunisia

Published : 08-10-2019
TunisiaTourismTV - The Ksour of the mountains of Southeastern Tunisia are semi-nomads’ former collective granaries.
These secure shelters made it possible to preserve the harvests for drought years, and to watch over them during the periods of transhumance.
Each family could get its harvests in a “ghorfa”, or storing room.

Perched high on impregnable platforms, the Ksour (plural of Ksar) merge together with the mountains.
Some of them, like in Chenini and Douiret, were real citadels overlooking cave dwellings.
There are also plain Ksour. More recent and widespread, they were used for a commercial use as warehouses and markets.

Nowadays, some Ksour host shops, guestrooms or snack bars.
However, the Ksour still remain the centres of gravity of traditional life in the Dahar mountains.

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