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MATMATA, land of cave dwellers

Published : 29-03-2019
TunisiaTourismTV – Matmata’s houses are entirely dug underground. The centre of each house is an open-air courtyard. The family’s daily life takes place all around, in vaulted, whitewashed rooms.
These subterranean houses are cold in summer and warm in winter. One of them is famous: it is the Lars’ house in Star Wars – today, the hotel Sidi Driss.
Matmata is surrounded by a moonscape dotted with craters – the courtyards of the houses. Perched on hilltops, white mausoleums overlook the valleys: Ksar Beni Issa, Lella Talkouast… worth visiting to enjoy breathtaking views of the whole area. 
An amazing destination in the Dahar region, in the Tunisian South.


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