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Published : 07-02-2019
TunisiaTourismTV – In the mountainous and desert region of Dahar, Chenini and Douiret are citadel-villages built on steep peaks.

Chenini and the Seven Sleepers

The ksar of Chenini is a former fortified granary at the top of a steep peak.
All around, the houses are partly carved in the rock.
The mosque of the Seven Sleepers can be found near the village. It is surrounded by seven giant tombs.
Legend has it that the tombs are those of men persecuted in Roman times who woke up after a deep three-century sleep.

Douiret and the former oasis

On the road to the village of Douiret, you can see a palm-lined river. It is a former oasis which extends over six kilometres.
Like in Chenini, the houses of Douiret are dug into the side of a rocky peak and aligned in a meandering fashion, following the geological strata. They are topped by a ksar, a former citadel-granary.
There is also a subterranean mosque.
Currently uninhabited, Douiret had once been a prosperous caravan station.
From the hilltop, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the landscapes of the Dahar region.

In Chenini or Douiret, you can experience troglodyte life by spending the night on the spot, in a troglodyte lodge:
- Résidence Kenza, Chenini 

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