For clean beaches!

Published : 19-08-2019
The Tourist office of Tunisia launched a large-scale campaign to encourage the population to preserve the beaches. The initiative comes along with a growing awareness about this issue.

Cigarette stubs, plastic bottles, remains of food… Some public beaches in Tunisia are the victims of their own success.
The cleaning services are too often overstretched and the waste does not go well with white sand and beautiful crystal clear water!

The Tunisian National Tourist Office sounds the alarm. It launched an awareness campaign to encourage the population to preserve the beaches.
Poster campaign, media and web advertising spread the message all over Tunisia under the slogan: “Together we protect our beaches”.

The tourist office is right to relay on the Tunisians’ civic spirit. In recent years, initiatives in this direction by the civil society have increased.
Beach cleanup operations are regularly organized (see for instance CleanWalker Tunisia , Tounes Clean-Up , Tunisie recyclage, Djerba 5-minute Beach Cleanup and many others).
A real collective awareness: beaches are the common property of all Tunisians!

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