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The HIKING fanatics

Published : 01-03-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - Out door activities are growing in Tunisia! More and more Tunisians engage themselves into hiking. Discover with us the amazing work of hikers associations and the “Mouch Normal” sceneries of the green Tunisia!

English subtitles available

Many thanks to Club Rando Aventure and Horizons hiking

Music: Roller Genoa

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Many Tunisian associations regularly organise hikes: Horizons, Evasions, Breeze Country Association, Green Way, Association Tunisienne des Randonneurs, Spéléo Club El Menzah 6, RandoTour, The Compass, Club Rando Aventure, Delta Events, Haya Travel.

“Mouch Normal”, what does it mean? See the presentation of the series:

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