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TOZEUR, the oasis city

Published : 06-12-2019

TunisiaTourismTV – At the shore of the desert, Tozeur is a great Saharan city backed by an oasis of several hundred thousand palm trees.
According to an age-old tradition, various fruit trees are grown in the shade of the date palms: olive trees, pomegranate trees…
The palm tree is also the basis of an original craft that uses all parts of the tree: woven palm fibers to make hats and baskets, cut and carved trunks to make furniture, boxes or beams for construction.
Bricks made of clay mixed with sand are still produced in traditional kilns. They give the old town its special appearance: forming high walls, they are arranged in relief to make different decorative elements.
Stroll in the ancient quarters or visit the oasis aboard a carriage to feel the special charm of the capital of Southern Tunisia.

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