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DIVING in Tunisia

Published : 10-08-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - Did you know that Tunisia’s sea floors are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean? You can find there strange animals, multicolored rocks, mysterious shipwrecks… From the North to the South, clubs are waiting for you to introduce you to scuba diving, pass international licences (Padi, SSI…), or to go discover fascinating sites.
The southern coast of the Mediterranean is way less polluted than the northern coast. Besides that, there is a water flow going along the Tunisian coasts which brings pure water coming from the Atlantic Ocean.
Tunisia has 1300 kilometers of shores, and among these shores you can find something else than sandy beaches. There are also rocky coasts and deep waters with amazing underwater landscapes.
There are countless shipwrecks along Tunisian coasts, in particular military wrecks because of the Second World War battles. It is fascinating to explore them, and they are the refuge for a myriad of fishes.

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