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PENDULUM JUMP: challenge accepted!

Published : 31-01-2018

TunisiaTourismTV – We tried for you a really “Mouch Normal” activity: pendulum jump. It’s brand new in Tunisia: after making their relatives benefit from it, managers now open their facilities to hikers associations and individuals. Hanging above empty space between mountains… Adrenalin rush guaranteed!

It all starts in Tunis, in the early morning, for an hour by bus to Zaghouan. You wanna know more about it? Just watch the video…

English subtitles available

Organising the hike: Club Rando Aventure   

Organising the pendulum jump: ASEZ (Association de spéléologie et d’escalade de Zaghouan, in partnership with ATLAS) 

Many thanks to Mohamed Ali Romdhani and the pendulum jump team: Mohamed Khomsi, Firas Gharbi, Farouk Zammouri, Mourad Attia, Sadok Say’hi, 

as well as to the group who accompanied us.

Music: Goulouli - Gultrah Sound System (also on Facebook

“Mouch Normal”, what does it mean? See the presentation of the series:

The pendulum jump

Unlike the bungee jumping, in the pendulum jump you don’t oscillate up and down. You fly backwards and forwards, attached to a rope, as if you were on a giant swing.

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