Races and trail runs in Tunisia in 2019-2020

Published : 09-10-2019

Convivial gatherings or extreme races, numerous sporting events are organized throughout the year.

Ultra trail in the desert, half marathon organized by a local association… all sorts of races are scheduled during the year.
Participating in them can be a way to experience Tunisia differently.
Among the many races organized throughout the year, some are classics like the Marathon Comar in Tunis or the Défis du Chott in Tozeur.
Others are friendly events and great opportunities to share moments with other generations and regions.

The following calendar is indicative.

Calendar of races 2019-2020

28 sept. Ultra Mirage El Jerid – Tozeur – Ultra-trail 100 km  
29 sept. Run In Carthage – Carthage – 16 km


19 oct. 21 km pour Mathieu – Douz – Half marathon 
20 oct. Marathon Nourane contre le cancer – Tunis – Marathon, half marathon, 5 km  
21-28 oct. Défis du Chott 25th edition – Tozeur – Trail 10/20/35 km 
27 oct. Marathon international de Ksar Hellal 4th edition – Ksar Hellal – Marathon, half marathon, 6 km 
27 oct. Foulées de Ziqua 4th edition – Zaghouan – Trail 10/18 km, running kids 3 km – Association Houriet Zaghouan Sport Pour Tous 

3 nov. Le Grand Trail de Jugurtha 2nd edition – Jugurtha’s Table (El Kef) – Trail run 30 km
3 nov. Sfax Marathon International des Oliviers 7th edition – Marathon, half marathon, 10 km

1 dec. Marathon Comar de la Ville de Tunis 34th edition – Tunis-Carthage – Marathon, half marathon, 6 km
22 dec. Semi-Marathon de Nabeul 5th edition – Half marathon – Joggers club Nabeul (21 km, 5 km, kids run 1 km)

23 feb. The Carthage Race Marathon 6th edition – Marathon, half marathon, 10 km 

MARCH 2020
March Foulées du Mégara 11th edition – La Marsa – Half marathon, 5 km  
March Z’ammour Trekking 3rd edition – Zammour – Trail 40 km, mountain bike race 90 km 

APRIL 2020
Apr. Sfax International Semi Marathon 4th edition – Half marathon 
Apr. Run in Teboulba – Half marathon, 7 km – Association We run in Teboulba
9 apr. Tunisia Women’s Run – Sousse – Half marathon

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