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A little overview of PAINTING in Tunisia

Published : 20-01-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - Today I will be talking about plastic arts because there are a lot of young Tunisian artists who are doing “Mouch Normal” things. We will talk about the group baptized the School of Tunis (an amazing group where Jews, Muslims and Christians would gather together in the 1950’) and the painters of the following generations…

English subtitles are available

“Mouch Normal”, what does it mean ? See the presentation of the series :

Learn more:

City of Culture: soon to be a major centre for arts and shows 


Ilyes Messaoudi, Akacha.

Art galleries and venues: 

A. Gorgi Gallery in Sidi Bou Saïd 

Le Violon Bleu Gallery in Sidi Bou Saïd 

Elmarsa Gallery in La Marsa 

Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery in Tunis 

Mad’Art Centre in Carthage 

Abdellia Palace in La Marsa

B’chira Art Center in Sidi Thabet 

Khereddine Palace in Tunis

Some hotels where Tunisian artists’ artworks are exhibited:

Seabel Rym Beach Djerba and Seabel Alhambra Port El Kantaoui 

Hasdrubal Hammamet Thalassa & Spa


“Ecole de Tunis”, text by Dorra Bouzid, Alif-éditions de la Méditerranée, 1995

“Jellal Ben Abdallah”, text by Jean Duvignaud, Cérès Productions, 1983

“Gorgi”, text by Albert Memmi, Alif-éditions de la Méditerranée, 2001

“L’aventure de l’art moderne en Tunisie”, text by Ali Louati, Simpact éditions, 1997

“Tahar M’guedmini, le corps en émotion”, Serviced, 2008

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