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The hotel CARLTON Tunis

Published : 25-02-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - In the very heart of Tunis city center, this small historic hotel offers an artistic experience through books, photos and original artworks. More than a hotel, it is an immersion in the Tunisian culture of today.

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You can tell that this pretty three-star hotel is different. Not by marble nor by the variety of services offered, but rather by its historical character – it opened in 1926 –, by its exceptional location on the Avenue Bourguiba, and by its desire to offer its guests a purely Tunisian cultural experience.

The reminiscent facade is of the eclectic Tunis of the 1920s, when architects freely mixed the most diverse styles, from classicism to Art Deco.

Inside one can see a period structure made of metal beams.

Karim Ben Smail, a major Tunisian publisher, is the owner of the hotel and wanted to leave his mark.

From the lobby to the breakfast room, artworks – mostly Tunisian artists’ – will keep you going.

Historical photos too. In the elevator, a reproduction of the New York Times shows the Bourguiba Avenue during the Jasmin Revolution: a reminder of a memorable day for the Carlton, which, on January 14, 2011, had opened its doors to nearly 150 protesters seeking refuge there.

The Carlton offers the basic services of a city hotel: accommodation and breakfast.

It is popular with both business travelers and tourists wishing to visit the capital: the medina is just a few minutes walk away.

Prize of Hospitality Excellence, Tunisia Hospitality Award 2019

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