Thalasso: why don’t you really treat yourself?

Published : 16-12-2017

Get some sun, recharge your batteries for the year ahead… It’s the moment to do a thalasso spa treatment programme in Tunisia. 

The principle of thalassotherapy? Use the benefits of seawater to restore your health. As with a traditional spa programme, every day you are provided with a battery of treatments such as baths, showers and wraps. But seawater replaces thermal water, and powdered seaweed replaces hot spring mud.
In effect, the warm seawater and the powdered seaweed wraps transmit to the body, via the skin, the mineral salts and trace elements it needs to stay in good health.
A true thalasso programme requires a treatment course of at least a week. At the end of the programme, the body is regenerated, the spirit relaxed. 

Wellbeing treatments

There are some baseline treatments that you will always be offered during a thalasso programme:

Hydro-massaging baths: a jacuzzi in a tub of warm seawater, with mini-jets to relax and encourage the penetration of marine trace elements.
Affusion shower: a light shower of ultra-relaxing seawater.
Jet shower: a jet of tonic water directed by a therapist to massage the different parts of the body.
Underwater shower, its more gentle equivalent: the jet is administered underwater, in a tub. • Equally indispensable, seaweed in paste form and sea mud (sediments collected from the seafloor). Used for body wraps, they are kept warm on the body thanks to a warming cover or a special receptacle, or sometimes, in the hammam. They help to eliminate toxins and leave the skin smooth as silk. Marine mud is particularly useful for muscular pain and rheumatism. 

It’s the ideal moment!

As winter draws in, you feel a strong need for sun and relaxation… everything that a thalasso spa in Tunisia can offer you! The techniques in Tunisia are well mastered and regulated since 1994. The seawater is pure and taken from far off the coast. It is untreated (apart from the water used in swimming pools) so as to conserve all of its natural properties. The seaweed powders are generally provided by specialised international brands.
And don’t forget, you can also enjoy several complementary treatments: massage styles from all over the world, beauty treatments, coaching or plant-based body wraps. 

All that’s left for us is to convince you of all the reasons to choose Tunisia for your thalasso programme, and to help you choose your centre

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