The thalassotherapy season

Published : 17-01-2019

The winter sets in, your system is worn out… This is a good time for a thalassotherapy spa treatment programme!

Winter is often a cause of physical fatigue. The body is weakened by the cold and deficiencies of minerals salts and trace elements it needs to stay in good health.
It is the perfect time to treat yourself with a thalassotherapy programme. A great way to get back in shape naturally! In fact, seawater and seaweed treatments enable the progressive penetration of mineral salts and trace elements within the body.

Thalassotherapy: going back to the sea

The ocean was at the beginning of all life on Earth. For its normal operation, our body needs dozens of mineral salts and trace elements which can be found in seawater.
In the thalassotherapy centres, seawater is heated up to approximately 34°C. This allows the exchange of minerals through the skin. Thalassotherapy uses many techniques such as hydro-massaging baths, showers, or seaweed wraps.

In Tunisia, well-being is firmly anchored in tradition. And thalassotherapy cures have been carried out for over twenty years. 

Sumptuous spa centres, a wide variety of treatments

The very basics of thalassotherapy are quality marine treatments. But all sorts of care are available in Tunisian centres: beauty rituals of major cosmetic brands, traditional treatments in the hammam, hidden virtues of plants, aesthetic medicine, energy massages to harmonize your body and soul… 
Large, bright spaces… Sophisticated colours, flower petals, beautiful handicrafts… Indoor swimming pools extending to the outside to enjoy the beautiful winter sun… Many Tunisian spa and thalassotherapy centres rival each other in beauty and comfort.

So pamper yourself: a thalassotherapy spa programme is also a good opportunity to recharge batteries and relax.

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