Festivals: Music from Tunisia and elsewhere

Published : 22-05-2018

Each year, the month of Ramadan is a good occasion to assist to excellent Arab and Tunisian music concerts, often in historical places such as palaces of the medina.

As usual, the Medina Festival in Tunis gives a significant role to the classical Tunisian music, the Malouf. Tunisian great voices’ fans will be thrilled (Syrine Ben Moussa, Zine Haddad, Zied Gharsa...). The same goes with those who appreciate a more contemporary or experimental music (Mourad Sakli, Zied Fatnassi, Emna Jaziri...).
Sufi brotherhoods sessions have inspired multiple shows (the great “Hadhra” show of Fadhel Jaziri...). And another tradition, the popular one of “cafichanta” (“singing cafés” from the early 20th century) is in the place of honor with a show on the Bab Souika square.
 The festival is also eclectic: musicians from Morocco (gnaoua), Syria, flamenco…

At the same time, the Ennejma Ezzahra palace in Sidi Bou Said boasts five beautiful concerts of Tunisian music, from classical repertoire to the traditional “Nouba” revisited in jazz style by the composer Mohamed Ali Kammoun.

Medina Festival

(shows at 10 pm)

•    May 19th: Opening session with Andalousi music (Morocco) – Municipal Theater
•    May 20th: Troupe Al-Assil (Sfax) – Municipal Theater
•    May 21st: Syrine Ben Moussa – Municipal Theater
•    May 22nd: Chyoukh Salatin Tarab (Syria) – Municipal Theater
•    May 23rd: Fethi Zghonda – Dar Lasram
•    May 24th: Hadhra 3 – Cité de la Culture, salle de l’Opéra
•    May 25th: Hadhra 3 – Cité de la Culture, salle de l’Opéra
•    May 26th: Gnaoua (Maroc) – Municipal Theater
•    May 27th: Cafichanta – Place Bab Souika
•    May 28th: Troupe Maqamat – Dar Lasram
•    May 29th: « Foundou » de la musique occidentale – Dar Lasram
•    May 30th: « Mesk ellil » by Mourad Sakli – Municipal Theater
•    May 31st: Haythem Hdhiri – Municipal Theater
•    June 1st: Groupe « Attarab » from Paris – Dar Husseïn
•    June 2nd: Troupe « Foundou » pour la musique des jeunes – Dar Husseïn
•    June 3rd: Koutouf Arabia by Zine Haddad – Dar Husseïn
•    June 3rd: Los Gitanos / Flamenco – Club Tahar Haddad
•    June 4th: « Margoum » by Zied Fatnassi – Dar Husseïn
•    June 5th: « Zabarjed » by Abdelkarim Basti – Dar Husseïn
•    June 6th: spectacle « Youmna » – Dar Lasram
•    June 6th: spectacle « Oudida » – Dar Husseïn
•    June 7th: « L’amour pour l’amour » by Emna Jaziri – Municipal Theater
•    June 8th: Zied Gharsa – Cité de la Culture
•    June 9th: Troupe el Farabi – Municipal Theater
•    June 10th: « Hamlin » by Ali Jaziri – Municipal Theater

Ennejma Ezzahra's Nights

(shows at 10:30 pm)

•    May 30th: Adnen Chaouachi
•    May 31st: Asma Ben Ahmed
•    June 1st: Meherzia Touil
•    June 2nd: Rakia Naser et Wadia Janhani
•    June 3 : Mohamed Ali Kammoun

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