“Dream City”: the Medina under the sign of contemporary art

Published : 25-09-2019

From 4th October onward, installation art, exhibitions and multimedia performances will bring the old town of Tunis to life for about a week.

Every two years, in October, an uninterrupted flow of young people, students and artists goes through the Medina of Tunis.
Indeed, the old town lives to the rhythm of the contemporary art Biennale “Dream City”.

A restored palace, a former firehouse from the time of the Beys, a narrow street, a market place… all these places can inspire unusual creations.
It could be choreographic research, video projections or even interactive installations.
This event is organized by the association “L’Art Rue”. Every time, it brings an exceptional excitement in the old town, which then really becomes… a dream city.

See the program.

Photos: Dream City 2017

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