From Port Prince to Oued el Abid

Published : 11-04-2019

Many opportunities for sublime hikes are available on the coast of the Cap Bon, between rocky shores, white sand beaches, crystal-clear water and in springtime vivid wildflowers.

Jagged and rocky, the northern shore of the Cap Bon peninsula offers gorgeous landscapes, alternating from cliffs to long fine sand beaches.

Port Prince

Are we still in Tunisia or on some tropical island? In Port Prince, the rocky coastline faces a turquoise-coloured bay and the landscape is covered with multi-coloured flowers in springtime.

Wassila Bourguiba’s castle

This castle-like residence, now abandoned, once belonged to the wife of the first president of the Tunisian Republic. 

Beach and line fishing

Port Prince’s beach is very popular in summertime. It also attracts anglers thanks to its clear and fish-bearing water.

Zembra Island

Zembra Island – a marine reserve and a natural park – can be seen on the horizon.

Cliffs and rocks

A series of rocky spurs plunges into the crystal-clear sea.

Oued El Abid Beach

An idyllic landscape can be found three kilometres away from Port Prince: the fine sand beach of Oued el Abid extends as far as the eye can see.

Dunes and white sand

The extensive sands are lined with dunes and slopes gently into the sea.

Hiking around Oued el Abid

Beach, hills, fields, rocky coves and the Meroua forest… there is a wide range or hiking possibilities.

Note: two guesthouses are available in Zougueg (10 km from Oued el Abid), Dar Ben Abdallah and Zembretta Farm.

Access: about 60 km from Tunis. At Takelsa/Bir Mroua on the road Soliman-El Haouaria, turn left, Port Prince is 11 km.

GPS coordinates: 36.881865,10.662463

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