City of Culture: soon to be a major centre for arts and shows

Published : 16-12-2017

Tunis will soon have the performance venues and plastic arts museum it has been missing. Cinema, creative studios, symphonic orchestra… an ambitious project that will be inaugurated in March 2018. 

A modern and luxurious complex is rising up as we speak in the heart of Tunis, alongside avenue Mohamed V. The works are accelerating as the official inauguration date approaches, the 20th March. There will be two cinema screens (the largest with 350 places) and three halls for concerts, theatres and shows. The largest hall will be the Opera hall with 1800 places.
No doubt these facilities will offer new opportunities to host large productions and shows of high quality. It will be an addition to the the Municipal Theatre, the historical hall of Tunis. 

Lovers of symphonic music will be thrilled. The completion of the Opera hall will coincide with the creation of a new symphonic orchestra; recruitment sessions have allowed the best musicians from across the country to be selected. This orchestra will be added to the Tunisian Symphonic Orchestra. Rachid Koubaâ, current director of the Orchestral Ensemble of Tunisia, will direct the new orchestra’s inaugural concert in the Opera. 

Cinema and plastic arts

Cinephiles will also feel the benefit with two screens and a film archive. It is only fitting for the country which hosted the first African film festival, and which has seen a flourishing of new films and new directors over several years. 

Another facet of the City of Culture: it will include the first museum of plastic arts in Tunisia. Again, this was an unfortunate omission considering the history and heritage that has already been accumulated. The general public will now be able to see the works of 20th century Tunisian painters, who are legion: including Gorgi, Boucherle, Moses Lévy, Jellal Ben Abdallah, Aly Ben Salem and more. 

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