October Top15 : the Badira leading, Dar El Jeld to be followed

Published : 02-11-2018

Our hotels barometer, based on the average marks on Trivago and Booking.com, keeps the same four ahead. To be followed also: some hotels which do not appear on our ranking, because they are too recent or are temporarily suspended in one of the two platforms.

During the month of October, the best rated hotels on Trivago and Booking. com were the same as last month: La Badira, Hasdrubal Prestige, Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Hammamet and Belvedere Fourati.
Three new hotels enter our Top15 : Sentido Djerba Beach, Lti Bellevue Park and Khayam Garden.

Others are “accidentally” out of it because they are subject to a temporary suspension on one of the platforms. Such is the case of the Concorde Green Park Palace (8.3 on Booking.com) and the Lti Djerba Plaza (8.5 on Booking.com), whose grade is not available this month on Trivago.
On the opposite, the Royal Garden Palace in Djerba wins a 8.3 mark on Trivago, but is temporarily suspended on Booking.com.
We must also point out the decline of The Russelior, who falls from the 6th to the 11th rank

Hotels to follow

Some hotels which are competitive but opened only recently are missing from our ranking, because there were not enough reviews (a minimum of 50 reviews is necessary) or because they are still not listed on Trivago or Booking.com.
Among those hotels, the Dar Jeld Hotel & Spa keeps the highest mark among Tunisian hotels on Booking.com (9.7) with an important number of reviews (more than 60).
Likewise, the Mövenpick Hotel du Lac and the Laico Tunis reach high satisfaction levels on Booking.com, with 8.5 and 8.4 respectively.

Hotels ranking based on the Booking.com and Trivago (Expedia group) rankings’ average. It reflects the perception of the hotel and its services to the clients at a given time (e-reputation). Only the hotels with at least 50 reviews are taken into account.

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