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CHAB-KA: A concept store in Nabeul

Published : 25-06-2019
TunisiaTourismTV – Are you searching for a gift, a nice embroidered tunic, a design object 100% hand-made in Tunisia? In Nabeul, the new concept store Chab-Ka offers a selection of products made by today’s artisans.
Two friends, Leila Chaieb and Sonia Kamoun, are at the root of this project. Their goal is to enhance the best of artisan creation.
The city of Nabeul, with its great tradition of handicrafts, was the perfect place to host it.

Small pieces of furniture, notebooks, light fixtures, sundresses… choose from a wide range of objects made by craftsmen and women from all regions of Tunisia. Revisited and modernized traditional handicrafts stand besides newer techniques such as the Japanese raku.
For instance, you can find the famous pottery from Sejnanerecently recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – but reinterpreted in new shapes and combinations of materials.

Chab-Ka, building ‘Le Cadre’ in Nabeul (on the road to Hammamet)
GPS coordinates: 36.4405695, 10.6996648


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