Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Djerba

The Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Djerba Thalassotherapy Centre was beautifully renovated in 2011. The harmonies of colour and marble, the large bays opening onto the sea and the sky contribute to the Djerban mellowness that permeates it. An invitation to sail across an ocean of treatments and spa programmes to rediscover serenity and equilibrium. Indoor and outdoor seawater pools, 60 treatment cabins, 1 private spa, 2 hammams, 1 sauna, gym.

Seawater bath with floral water
Fine mist shower with massage
Underwater jet shower
Jet shower
Wraps: seaweed, sea mud, clay, green tea, rosemary 
Beauty treatments for body and face
Lymphatic drainage
Relaxing massage
Toning massage 
Mandara massage 
California massage 
Muscular massage 
Massage of Thousand and One Nights
Abhyanga massage
Rejuvenating back massage 
Oriental massage 
Ayurveda massage 
Traditional Oriental using Argan oil 
Circulatory massage – light legs
Palpate-roll massage using lemon 


Back Special

Joints Special

Light Legs

Marine Slimness

Mandara Prestige 

Theodora personalized cure

Hasdrubal Thalassa & Spa Djerba

Zone touristique Midoun, B.P82, 4116 Midoun
(+216)75 730 657

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