Guesthouses and Ecolodges : A different face of Tunisia

Published : 05-07-2021

Looking for fresh air and nature? Would you like to discover unusual accommodation, little-known regions, and immerse yourself in Tunisian traditions? Would you like to enjoy the sea in a different way, in a more intimate and serene setting? Take a look at guesthouses and ecolodges.

As an alternative to traditional hotels, these accommodations promise you a different kind of holiday.
From the north to the south of the country, nearly a hundred establishments of this type are approved by the Tourist Office.

Guesthouses: intimate setting and personal welcome

The guesthouses each have a different face. In the medinas, enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old houses, whether simple or more luxurious. Villas by the sea offer direct access to the beach or breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.
Some houses welcome you to the countryside, amidst orchards. Others offer an immersion in local life near remarkable sites or monuments.
Guesthouses are small establishments (5 rooms maximum) run by their owners with a personal welcome, breakfast included. Their services are reserved for people living on site.

Ecolodges: in the heart of nature

Enjoy invigorating holidays between forests and olive groves in the mountains of the north-west or the agricultural areas of Cape Bon and Bizerte. For a more unusual setting, choose the Saharan regions: stay in the middle of an oasis, or in a troglodyte dwelling dug into the mountainside!
In Tunisia, ecolodges (“gîtes ruraux”) are characterised by their natural environment and their ecological and agricultural vocation. Managed more like hotels, they can be larger than guesthouses. However, some ecolodges are more akin to relaxation and leisure establishments for groups and families (large swimming pool, entertainment, animal farm etc.).

Tables d’hôtes: a journey through Tunisian gastronomy

In addition to the intimacy and quality of the welcome, guesthouses and ecolodges often have another advantage: they are an excellent option for discovering Tunisian gastronomy.
Some of the owners are true cordon bleu cooks. They will make it a point of honour to let you taste home cooking that you can’t find in restaurants!
Please note: in guesthouses, food is normally reserved for overnight guests.

Choose your guesthouse or ecolodge:

- in Tunis, Carthage, Sidi Bou Saïd & their surroundings
- in the region of Hammamet, Zaghouan and Cape Bon
- in Tabarka, Aïn Draham, Jendouba & their surroundings
- in El Kef
- in Bizerte and its surroundings
- in Sousse and its surroundings
- in Monastir and its surroundings
- in Kairouan and its surroundings
- in Mahdia and its surroundings
- in Sfax and on the Kerkennah Islands
- on Djerba Island and in Zarzis
- in the Saharan regions

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