Harkan duo: music between two shores

Published : 27-12-2018

The French-Tunisian duo Harkan explores music from the two shores of the Mediterranean through the unusual meeting between two musical instruments, one from the East and the other from the West: the harp and the qanun.

The meeting between the European harp and the qanun (cithara of Arab and Turkish tradition) is kind of like reconnecting distant cousins with countless stories to tell each other. The sounds of the two neighboring instruments respond to each other and enrich each other.
By creating this unprecedented duo, Maïa Darmé and Mohamed Amine Kalaï bring new colours to music pieces coming from all over the Mediterranean region: well known tunes or modern compositions, academic or popular music, Spanish flamenco, Turkish sirto, European baroque music, Tunisian classical bashraf…
Harkan’s arrangements allow these musical pieces to cross borders. 
The duo Harkan gave several live performances this year in Tunisia… We are looking forward to other concerts.

(photo : © Nizar Ghouila)

Video: Flamenco on Sidi Bou Saïd hill
(“Asturias” by Isaac Albeniz)

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