A stroll through the BARDO

Published : 27-09-2018

TunisiaTourismTV - Did you know that one of the greatest archaeological museums of the Mediterranean region is located in Tunis? It’s the Bardo National Museum. Visit it, and you’ll discover the true face of the goddess Tanit, the refined decor of the ancient palace of the Beys, the adventures of Ulysses, Dido and numerous Roman gods… A ‘mouch normal’ journey through space and time!

Created in 1885 in an ancient palace, the Bardo museum gathers a huge collection of archaeological pieces discovered in Tunisia. Enlarged ten years ago, it covers all eras, from Prehistory (room currently being prepared) to the Ottoman era’s ceramic. But it is mainly THE place to visit to know more the civilization of Carthage and the incredible production of mosaics in Roman Tunisia.

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Going further:

The museum’s website

Ulysses and the Sirens, Book 12 of the Odyssey by Homer
The meeting between Dido and Aeneas, Book 4 of the Aeneid by Virgil
Books: “The mystery of the Bardo’s mosaics” (kids book, in French and Arabic), “A monument, a museum… I am Bardo” (published by the AMVPPC, in French)

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