El Mouradi Palace

El Mouradi Palace Thalasso & Spa thalassotherapy centre offers a varied range of treatments thanks to its team of highly qualified thalassotherapists and hydrotherapists, 30 treatment cabins, seawater pool, hammam and 2 saunas.
Numerous cures are available such as the Biolifting-Beauty cure adapted to your specific needs, the Arthritis-rheumatism cure, with rehabilitation in the pool and two doctor’s visits, and the Special cure “Cure Privilege” with its VIP treatments (Cleopatra’s bath, Berber bath, Tunisian massage, treatment with hot stones, Mandara massage…)



Marine trail
Hydromassage bath 
Seaweed wrap
Seamud, ghassoul, slimming algae
Underwater shower
Fine mist shower
Circular shower
Group aerosol
Water gymnastic
Lymphatic drainage
Cleopatra bath
Flower bath
Body and facial beauty treatments
Massage ayurvédique
Anti cellulite massage
Slimming massage
Californian massage
Foot reflexology
Mandara massage
Tunisian massage
Aromatic Pindas massage
Stone massage
Back special massage

• Classic cure “Wellness” 

• Specific cures:
Anti-Stress Cure 
Taking Care of Your Back
Light Legs Cure
Anti-Rheumatism Cure
Young Mother Cure 
Top Silhouette Cure
Beauty Cure 
“Tonic for Men” Cure
Anti-Psoriasis Cure 

• Special cure “Privilege“  

El Mouradi Palace

Zone touristique, 4089 Port El Kantaoui
(+216)73 246 500

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